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A Warm Feeling

On my way to my exam this evening, I saw a table piled with the mag. I passed it on my way out and the pile was reduced to one.

Gave me quite a good feeling, that did.

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Ask Me Why

Now I’ve explained something of our situation, I want to adddress another: why, when I have enough to do, am I blogging about this?

Well, simply enough, because I’ve always wanted the editors to have blogs – so I’m taking the lead.

The other reason is a little more practical. We had someone turn up at the last editorial meeting with a host of questions about why this and why that.

Now, I don’t mind an argument and I think it’s our responsibility to be open and answer questions from students. The problem in this specific case is that said questions have been answered before, repeately and at length to other people.

Telling one person at a time is fairly inefficient; fielding questions where both question and answer are available online is sensible. As such I plan to set up a Q&A document that I’ll add to as more questions crop up.

If readers have questions in the meantime, ask in the comments and I’ll get to them.

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An Introduction

Welcome to the Sub-Editor’s blog for London Met’s Verve magazine. My name is Mark and I have been in this job since issue 1.

It’s a big job that involves a lot – supporting the Editor and walking through issues with her, representing the production team and (most importantly) running a final editing pass on the mag to catch typos, errors and generally cleaning up the text and layout. And that’s for starters.

Oh, and I also write a lot of the magazine’s political content.

This project is hard; we are all amateurs of varying abilities building a student voice that, six months ago, didn’t even exist.

What makes this all the more interesting is that our SU is also being built up from nothing after electoral problems two years ago.

And, just to really up the stakes, this is all taking place at a university that has had serious financial and management issues. While things are changing, the change of culture is often long and hard.

But we did the impossible and that makes us mighty.

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