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Rewarding (Live Blog)

Well, I’m at a the uni awards ceremony for my work on the mag. Well over 200 hours, all told.

We’ve just had Lister talk about something, to cynical noises on my right.

Isabel Dobson is talking and just said there’s over 50 societies. I counted less on the page.


Mayor is speaking. Not much unusual from a political, except that her son went to London Met in 1999. He did his degree elsewhere though.


And our esteemed editor has her award!


Isn’t a speech about the need to volunteer to, um, volunteers, a little…well…


We’re supposed to watch a vid, but Rishi broke it. Ah, fixed.

Oh no, I’m in it! I see they cut the swearing.


Bronze awards are done. Time for one of Yeashir’s speeches.

Dude needs an autoprompter, he barely looks up.

Wow, that was short.


Yes, I know, but nothing much was happening.

Richie Sethi just won an award, great bloke, very helpful.


‘London met was, and is, going through fairly turbulent times’.


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