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On a Highway to…Somewhere.

Well, it looks like we’re on a path to greater sanity.

I’ve talked with the President and it went well.  We’ve still to talk details, but by and large it looks like a few people have caused a lot of problems.

One thing of note is a lack of communication; as I’ve said before, this could have been sorted with a quick talk; no motion needed.  We haven’t, for example, been continuing last years’ production meetings with the Comms Officer, because said officer simply hasn’t had time for us.

UPDATE 16/11/11: The Comms Officer assured me yesterday that this isn’t true.  She did not refuse to meet due to being excessively busy and has said that if we want weekly production meetings, we can have them.

The Editor assured me yesterday that she definitely did suggest having production meetings and was rebuffed by the officer, who did not have time for them.  She also accepted the offer regular meetings.

So that’s all cleared up then.

And it goes on.  While the President has been wonderfully receptive and good to talk to, I worry how much reaching out other officers will expect of us – and who will try reach us mid-way.

The SU as a whole clearly has little-to-no idea of what we do and what our work involves, so we’re talking about some form of seminar where we talk about our process and work ethics.

Now we get Issue 2 (2010) out and see what it takes to push Issue 3 out as well.  I certainly didn’t work an entire weekend to get my pieces junked!

All this AND I was at the radio meeting last night!  So much for a quiet year…

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