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Movember Man

For November I am going to grow an epic moustache.

It’s for a scheme called Movember and I will be looking for raise money for prostate cancer.  Many know about breast cancer in women – there’s even regular fundraising events for it – but prostate cancer is the silent killer of men.

Plus, the prostate is the male G-spot – and therefore very important to all pleasure-loving men.

Here’s a link to the Prostate Cancer Charity for more information.

Think you’re OK? (well, if you’re a woman you are, but otherwise…)  Go here for more stats.  It’s the most common male cancer in the UK, so be worried.

Here’s the deal: give me money and I will grow facial hair on an epic scale.  Feel free to make suggestions as to style and length; I’ll try anything twice.

I also have a Mo Space page here.

Please, spare some cash.  This is an important issue; I think it’s important that all men should know that cancer of their special place is not going to kill them.

Here’s a starting point; me after a couple of days’ growth.  Seriously, it won’t take long to have a nice bit of face fluff…

My first Movember pic of the month.

My First Movember Pic

Yes, that’s a BBC Good Food magazine calender in the background; very middle-class, I know…

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